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Start a New Fun Career as a Certified Jymka KidsActiveFun Instructor. Free Course Preview

The Jymka KidsActiveFun Instructor Course can be booked as a standalone course with no pre-requisite qualification required or as a CPD course. The CPD, (continued progressive development) course is exclusive to qualified primary elementary teachers, fitness instructors and childcare workers only as an integral part of their professional education. The course preview Includes a presentation overview with 2 training Videos to give you an insight summary.

This is your OPPORTUNITY to start a NEW FUN CAREER & BUSINESS as a CERTIFIED KIDS FITNESS INSTRUCTOR with no pre-requisite fitness qualification required OR PROGRESS YOUR LEARNING with a very comprehensive and concise CPD course.

Experts in Kids  Fitness
Experts in Kids Fitness
Managed by Anne-Marie Byrne, Training Director & Quality Assurer

Jymka™ is a fully endorsed online training provider with a professional recognition for our Jymka KidsActiveFun instructor course with ActiveIQ, a leading accreditation body for the fitness sector in the Uk and Europe with Global validity. Our team of expert course Trainer Assessors are available to assist and support you as you train

Course Curriculum

MODULE 1: About us and about this course
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2 Sample Training Videos from MODULE 6.1: Teaching Gymnastic Skills to kids 3-12 years
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